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Termites are important in the environment because they help with decomposition; however, they can also be a nuisance to homes and other buildings. These insects are attracted to wood as a food source, so they may enter through small cracks or holes in order to tunnel their way inside. Once they’re established, termites can quickly cause extensive damage by eating away at the wood and other materials that make up the structure.

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Once established, termites can rapidly cause extensive damage by consuming the wood and other materials comprising the structure. In fact, these pests are estimated to destroy approximately $5 billion worth of property annually in the United States alone, affecting over 600,000 homes each year. They only need an opening as tiny as 1/64 inch in size.

1/64 Inch

Termites only need an opening barely wider than a human hair.

$5 Billion

worth of property damage every year.


1 in 5

homes affected

Oklahoma is moderately infested with termites according to the National Pest Management Association. Research shows an average of 25 colonies per acre, with a maximum of 75 colonies per acre. 

$5 Billion

in damages every year.

Homeowners spend an estimate $5,000,000,000 in repairing termite damage each year. The average costs to repair termite damages is upwards of $3,000 or more. 

How we help:

Comprehensive Inspection

Our experts conduct a thorough inspection to identify termite species and assess infestation levels, pinpointing entry points and existing damage.

Tailored Treatment Options

We offer customized treatments based on inspection findings, swiftly eliminating termites and preventing further damage with effective and targeted solutions.

Proactive Prevention Measures

Beyond eradication, we specialize in termite prevention, guiding you in implementing measures to avoid future infestations, ensuring long-term protection for your home.

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Visible termite swarms during the day or early evening, often after rainfall. Termites or termite wings on window sills or along wall. Shelter or mud tubes appearing around foundation. Baseboards and floors that sound hollow or sag. Evidence of termite damage to wood in or around window and door frames.

Termites are active year-round. They build “mud tubes” to control their environment and protect them from predators.

Eastern Subterranean Termites, the most common termite found in North America. A mature colony can range between 50,000 to several hundred thousand termites.

Annual termite inspections are important to help minimize the affect termites can have on your home. We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners who are concerned about termite activity.

No, insurance does not cover the costs of repairing termite damage.